On Labor Secretaries past, avian influenza, and the obligation to be thought-provoking rather than mindlessly provocative
On homebrew email servers, Supreme Court decisions, and the fundamental problem of taking information seriously
On LoJacks, the evolution of primates, and why the Chinese surveillance balloon has Americans thinking about security for once
On the Fifth Amendment, the safety of air travel, and why serious national politicians should duplicate the NTSB model
On backronyms, states with balanced budgets, and the only deficit we can afford

January 2023

On Arbor Day, popcorn ceilings, and expecting our lowly houseplants to work harder
On US News & World Report, the measurement of race cars, and why everyone needs a stylebook almost as much as they need an editor
On rising health-care costs, shocking wait times for English ambulances, and the AI doctors' assistants of the near future
On storytelling around a campfire, the past that never really was, and Ben Franklin's understanding of human laziness
On reclaiming the humanity of enslaved people, the AP Stylebook, and when good intentions crash right through sense
On Geriatric Millennials, the era of fast ocean liners, and how temporary scarcity shaped college
On the Seattle Public Schools, who takes selfies, and what the "adults in the room" need to remember about social media